Uganda discharges last known Ebola patient, Raises concern on Covid-19 Outbreak- ministry

Uganda has discharged its last known Ebola patient from the hospital, a senior health official said on Friday, raising hopes that an outbreak that has killed at least 56 people could be coming to an end. 

Photo of Uganda’s healthy Workers

Last week Minister of Health Jane Ruth Aceng and the World Health Organization (WHO) country representative Yonas Tegegn Woldemariam made final assessments of a clinical trial base in Kampala, as the country was preparing to start Ebola vaccine trials. Officials first confirmed the outbreak in September and said it was the Sudan strain of the disease, which kills 40%-60% of those it infects, and for which there is no proven vaccine.

Photo:Ebola Virus

However, the President of Uganda Y.K. Museveni says he was informed by the Ministry of health that Uganda received almost 49 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine through donations and purchases by the government, and only 26 million doses were administered to the population

He added that A certificate of vaccination with evidence of up-to-date boosting is a requirement for entry into formal meetings and public places and also added that the Use of masks is recommended for all individuals in enclosed places and public gatherings again. 

For elderly of 50 years and above and those living with comorbidities were also  encouraged to get vaccinated and boosted at least every six months however this doesn't assure that they won't die from the disease according to research which was done by Washington Post, a growing number of people of vaccinated people elderly and young people continue to die from strange clots, athlets continue to die from cardiac arest much more incidents.

Infact their is a documentary showing how Some Covid-19 vaccines  caused blood clots in people leading to death of thousands called “Died Suddently” we recommend you to watch it and we’ve added full documentary below so make you share it cause it’s one of the most censored documentaries online and it was supposed to be aired on Netflix but it was flagged to spread conspiracy however you can watch it and get to your own conclusion as at we stand for the Truth Uncensored.

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