Nord Stream pipeline leaking into Baltic Sea-Probably sabotage by some groups of people

Nord Stream pipeline leaking into Baltic Sea

On the night of September 26, there was a leak from the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Then gas leaks were registered from both lines of Nord Stream 1. The pipeline is now halted.

Germany suspects that the Nord Stream gas pipeline system was damaged by an act of sabotage. The evidence points to an act of violence, not a technical problem, according to a German security official. 

The European Union received about 40% of its pipeline gas from Russia, a figure that now stands at about 9% and will obviously decrease further due to leakage.

"The destruction that happened within one day at three lines of the Nord Stream pipeline system is unprecedented," the operator said Tuesday. "It’s impossible now to estimate the timeframe for restoring operations of the gas shipment infrastructure."

Benchmark European gas prices climbed as much as 7% on Tuesday, after four days of losses.

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