Scary😟 :In Tanzania Albinos are hunted down and their bodies are chopped in parts because many believe their are evil Spirits-#humanstories #history

‘To be born with albinism in Tanzania is very tough. People think we do not die. People have been hunting us, have chopped off our body parts.’ Hasan Hamisi, an albino, is from Tanzania. His mother was advised to kill him with poison because of his albinism at birth. 

Today is International Albinism Awareness Day. And what do you know about these unique people? In Tanzania, many believe the white-skinned are immortal spirits who bring bad luck to their families. Others believe that albino body parts can be used in witchcraft to cure diseases or make them rich. That’s why people with albinism in Tanzania fear being maimed or killed for the color of their skin. 

On such a day, find out more about the white-skinned people in the documentary Albino Africa.

#humanstories #history

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