“UCC is not supposed to let Kays work on any TV” Full figure

Presidential advisor and Ugandan musician Full figure real names Jeniffer Nakanguubi, on top of all the hatred and beef between her and Ugandan loud mouth TV presenter known as Kays, she added that Uganda Communication commission is not supposed to let the presenter work on any TV in Uganda. 

“UCC is not supposed to let Kays work on Television stations in Uganda. He has killed lives of many people. Look at that boy of ‘Baka basajja banyuma’ where is he now? And this one of ‘olusuku lwa Sementi’ even the song has faded already” Full figure said on a local television interview. 

She kept on blaming on Ugandan TV presenters on torturing people’s lives and jinxing their careers over their words they say on TVs because their positions. 

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