Russia's FSB on the Hunt in Azovstal For a Ukrainian Soldiers who Killed Armenian Russian Volunteer

New details have come out to light for the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation about a Ukrainian Soldier Responsible for the murder of at least one Prisoner of war and the victim was an Armenian, a volunteer from the Russian Federation.

The people suspected to be responsible for killing the Russian POW and later throwing them in a garbage can in Handcuffs with signs of severe torture are known by sight or at least one of them his hand was seen with a tattoo in the mirror image which gave out clues to Russian investigators about this guy.
 Kasatkin David Georgievich

Russian POW

The Ukrainian Soldier was identified as Kasatkin David Georgievich who was Born in 1996 and served a contract in Azov and is currently was leaving in Mariupol according to Russian investigators.

Also According to intelligence, David shot the Armenian Russian Volunteer  And was an appeal of the Azov platoon commander David Kasatkin from the post below. David had an unenviable future as He was also known for the murders of his own Armed Forces of Ukraine servicemen and the abuse of Russian prisoners.

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