Nina Roz reports Daddy Andre at the police for stealing and selling her car

Nina Kankunda commonly known as Nina Roz is accusing ex husband, Ugandan singer and producer Ojambo Andrew knows as Daddy Andre for stealing and selling her car. 

According to Patrick Onyango, Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, a Toyota Mark X registration number, UBF 156C was negotiated to be bought by Nina Roz at 21 million UGX. 

As the former love birds went together for negotiations, 10 million UGX was paid by Nina Roz in cash and signed as a the buyer as Daddy Andre signed As a witness then she later gave the balance to Daddy Andre to clear the car and only him to put the log book in his names. 

After getting misunderstandings, it is said that Daddy Andre sent his friend to pick the car that he was going to use it and he never returned it back which led to Nina Roz reporting a missing car case at the police. 

So far, the police has arrested the broker who was the middle man between “Bernard” who bought the car and Daddy Andre as they have noticed name changed from Daddy Andre to Bernard. 

Police then promised to call both Nina and Andree to see what to do next. 

This happened after Daddy andre accusing Nina Roz for stealing the TV and the carpet from the rental they were sharing in September 2021.

We shall keep you posted. 

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