“I hate it when people hold my hands, Yet I Pay $200 for my nails” Sheillah Gashumba Brags

Pouring out her frustrations via Snapchat, Uganda’s petite TV personality and influencer expressed how she detests it when people hold her hands and are so touchy throughout conversations.

Sheillah Gashumba
Sheillah Gashumba

“But honestly I hate it when holding my hands. Please  stop if  can't pay $200,the last time I had launched bodyguards you said they are being up against people but if I don’t know you like that don’t touch me. You can talk to me without touching me” she vented via snap chat. 

Sheila Gashumba
Sheillah Gashumba's $200 artificial Fingernails

While a lady's nails, hair, and overall physical appearance count a lot in their life because they designate their beauty and sometimes end up spending a couple of dollars, Sheillah also bragged about how expensive her nail bill is, which she said is 200 UGX. 

“So pretty!! Please if you can’t pay my 200 USD nail bill, don’t shake my hands and break my nails!! I mean this!! Y’all can talk to me without shaking my hands” She stated via the same channel. 

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