This setting will save your Iphone/Ipad/Mac from Hackers and Spies

This Iphone Setting will save you from cyber attacks, leaking of  your personal data, pictures, Finacial information and also implementation of malware on your device in form of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, Ransomware and adware.

I know you think it's impossible for them to gain access to your device without any physical contact but its not true, A simple connection you can make to wifi can cause you problems and mostly this occurs when you make a connection to the public wifi. Anyways before I show you the protective measure you can you need to first know the dangers of connecting to public  WiFi.

Unware Risks of Public Wifi

If you would like to know how to stay safe while using public wifi you'll need to know the potential risks below:
  1. The leak of Login credentials, financial information, personal data etc.
  2. Cyber attacks on Bussinesses
  3. Malware threats

How to Protect your iPhone/IPad/Mac from Public WiFi Threats

  • Go to “settings” of your IPhone/Mac/IPad device
  • The click on “WiFi”

  • Select the public WiFi you want to make a connection to for example me I’ve selected “BCC Express Wi-fi.

  • The message I’ve got first as you can see is that the connection is unsecure.

  • When You click the info button you’ll see some of the potential risks.

  • Now some iPhones/iPads/macs come with this setting on by default or some don’t have it on like mine.But if it off you have to make sure that private address is turned on as it will help to reduce tracking of your iPhone across different public and private wifi network.

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