Public worried as fuel prices keep increasing in Uganda|Fuel Shortage In Uganda

The late 2021 and early 2022 has seen an increase in fuel prices in Uganda, where by people who move on a daily basis either with private or public means were highly affected by the rising prices.

The situation hitting its climax in the second week of 2022 where fuel is 5000 UGX and in Hoima it is 10.000 UGX per little left many people wondering the start of this and the end as well. 

Normally fuel prices range from 4300-4400 UGX. Government through the ministry of energy and mineral development came out to public to explain the reason as to why there the increase in prices. “Uganda’s oil marketing companies have most of their trucks in the traffic between Kenya loading points and the boarders” 

But they gave hope to the public to not panic because once those trucks are cleared in a few days, supply and prices will return to normal. “Once those trucks are cleared in a few days, supply and prices will return to normal and there is no need for the public to panic” She added. 

Although one cannot call it a very long time since the prices are high, but many people have already felt the effect of it especially low life standard people like street vendors and low scale retail shopkeepers among others who have to get products from Kampala to their respective places via taxis or other Public means. 

 “It is not really easy nowadays to get anything from business because already you use the little profit you get in transport” A lady who preferred anonymity said. “I used to use only 1000 UGX from Nansana to Kampala but I am now using 3000 UGX without negotiations. I thought that maybe because H.E Yoweri Kaguta opened the transport sector things would be easy but it is like nothing changed” she continued.

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