“I am in love, ... she is uniquely mine”

Yeah, he did. And who could be the lucky ‘SHE’?

After a long time people trying to guess who he might be into, the Gospel musician and the worship house owner always kept quiet about his love life until today when he ‘holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers’ revealed that he is in love. In other words he found his other half. Glory to the Lord.

Guess this is the right time! When in media, he always dodged questions relating to his love life and when he is walking the lucky woman down the aisle and he always said that he will reveal when it is the right time.

It hadn’t been long since his photo and an engaged woman rocked the internet having everyone think that it is about him, but later turned it down saying that the lady was just one of his many female friends who got married. Ouch!

“She is married to a white but hails from Nansana. So when she hosted me to a dinner I asked her to show the public that she is married to someone but I was also shocked to find that the photo went viral” he said.

Although some people who are used to being pranked by celebrities doubted him, “Tomorrow he will say he is in love with Jesus Christ... Let me not waste my congratulations, love you Musumba” one netizen commented. But Hey, remember he said “She is uniquely mine…” so hopefully it is a ‘SHE’.

According to his recent revelation, it looks like the 37 years old pastor is yet to finally show the world the love of his life. 

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