11 Businesses You Can Start In 2022 and Makeover Shs. 500k Profit Every Month.

11 Businesses You Can Start In 2022 and Makeover Shs. 500k Profit Every Month.
11 Businesses You Can Start In 2022

It’s January 17th, 2022 and the year is still an infant so to speak.  To those that counted this year as my year to say, bye to poverty and break into the world of financial freedom, here are a couple of business ideas you can start from your home without breaking a bank to start one. I understand that life is difficult especially for Ugandans due to a couple of different issues not forgetting the rise in the fuel prices that caused me to keep my car in a garage.   To those who have been struggling to keep life going despite the difficulties, I see you.

For those who would like to spread their wings a little bit, in this article, I have come up with a list of 11 business ideas you can start in 2022 and make some go descent amount of money that will help you change your life.

1.       Laundry service.

This is a good successful business idea you can start from home. You can start washing clothes for people in your neighborhood to get some extra cash. This company will not cause you to set your bank account on fire, but instead, it will cost you pennies as you only need to start with detergents, hangers, pegs, buckets/basins, and flat iron.


2.     Chicken rearing.

You can start this business venture from the ground by only acquiring baby chickens and giving them the best care to adulthood. This kind of business can generate you a decent amount of money daily that will kill your poverty in peace.

3.     Selling eggs.

Besides, rearing chicken that lays eggs for you to sell, you can also decide to buy eggs in a large number at a lower price within your locality and sell them at your home for extra cash. This business is very viable in Uganda given the fact that people consume a lot of eggs on Rolexes but, it requires high care. You can easily be patronized in the business if you publicize it properly.

4.     Barbering/grooming  

As a professional Berber, you can start providing home services to individuals at their abodes to get compensated for it. All you have to do is to cut people's hair in their homes to make money. Let me say, start a mobile salon.

5.     Daycare services.

In this contemporary world, parents are busy making money to put food on the table. They are in search of someone to look after their children as they go to work. You can use this opportunity to tap into this business idea because it's viable in 2022. Open a dare care Centre in your home where you can look after children for extra cash. 

6.     Blogging/digital content creator.

This is a very simple business that will earn you quick money in the comfort of your home. A disclaimer, Stop wasting your time and effort blogging on Facebook for free.  Kindly apply to different websites as a writer/ content creator for some cash or start your blog site, grow your audience, and money writing. 

7.      Teaching.

When I talk about teaching, I mean online teaching since the future is digital. As a teacher, you can start running a company from the comfort of your home where you can set up an online platform where you can teach students/pupils about a specific subject and earn some good money.

8.     Home cooking services.

This is a piece of cake for those who are great cooks. You can decide to offer your services in different homes to those who need them and earn some go side cash.

9.     Transport services /Boda boda

If you want to reach quickly wherever you’re going on time, the Boda guy can reach you there quickly. So, venturing into this business will generate you some go side cash that will cause your skin to glow like that of a baby.  

10. Food business

There is nothing that's demanding like the stomach. It will complain even though you don't have any money in your pockets causing you to borrow to buy. That being said, food is bought daily because people eat to live. Therefore, this food business is very viable as it will leave your pockets fat in 2022.

11.   Brand influencer/social media influencer

Do you have a large following on social media that is loyal and authentic? Are you active on the socials with a real engagement on your pages or are your creative and witty? These are the questions you need to ask yourself first. If you have the answers to the above questions, then why not start reaching out to brands for collaborations. In the process, you'll learn influencer marketing where you’ll be able to create sponsored content for brands. What’s good about this hustle is that it's stress-free since you're doing what you love and living life for pay.   


I am not sure what’s running in your mind but, above are my 11 viable business ideas you can in 2022 and make money like a machine. I advise you to try out one of the listed business ideas and you’ll thank later.  You can also list down in the comments section a business idea that you think can help one make some good cash or, let me know what you think is your favorite idea from the above list. 


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