what Forex to trade this week, depending on the economic calendar(non-form payroll, unemployment data)

the non-form payroll and unemployment data are some of the most critical pieces of economic data to look out for and they come out every first Friday of the month. according to this week's predictions and anticipations, the unemployment rate has dropped from 4.6% to 4.5% of the USA population. this only is an indicator of positive economic growth to the united states economy and as the economy goes hand in hand with the currency we will hope to see a spike in the dollar this week.

the non-form payroll shows the number of new jobs created within the last month and it has also grown from 531,000 jobs to 553,000 jobs systematically another indicator of positive economic growth. with other data as high inflation and high oil prices, I wouldn't bet against the dollar this week. so want I would do is look at currency pairs with the dollar and buy the dollar 2 days to the Friday employment report. some people wait for the information to be released then jump on trades but for my taste, this is risky as there is too much volatility in the market at that time. the time frame for the chat I would use is one 1 hour because using a longer time frame will give you small changes in the price quotes on a monthly data set like the non-form and unemployment data.

security markets are risky and as a disclaimer goes into forex at your own accord. am just here to help you on your journey

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