what are India and USA trade talks all for, And what to expect from them

The USA on is its journey to curb the persistently high inflation in its countries has been on a number of trade talks on big economy whom it had been in a trade standoff for a while so as its supply chain grows. this would bring about an increase in supply for consumer goods as this would be able to meet the high consumer power in the USA currently. 

India comes in as one of the biggest economies in the world and consumer market as of its population of over a 1.38billion people.  not until now the USA attention to India was directed only to the potential of India's large consumer market which lead to the trade standoff started by Donald j trump former  USA president in his America first policy wanted a one-sided free trade agreement which was to have the USA export its goods to India tariff-free while India was not to have the same deal. this leads to India to put more tariffs on USA e-commerce, metals, agricultural products like walnuts and others a total of 28 goods...

when the Joe Biden erra came into power it had no interest in removing this war as India was at a disadvantage and would eventually cave in but the administration domestic policy lead to something Joe Biden didn't account which was domestic inflation and this gave countries like China, India the upper hand as their products have the percentage solution to the issue.

So Joe Biden has sent his trade executive Katherine Tia to this economies and after talks with China on how the USA would remove tariffs on some Chinese goods now its time for India...Katherine Tia has been in India in talks to come up with a resolution and has agreed to relaunch the policy forum after 4 years without it.

The USA will try to convince India to release some of its crude oil stockpiles as it has been with china and Japan to curb the increased oil prices globally...

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