The Girl In Yellow Jumper-First Ugandan Movie to Stream on Netflix featuring Stars Like Maurice Kirya

The Girl In Yellow Jumper Trailer Reaction-Why It’s A must watch Ugandan movie

The Girl In Yellow Jumper Trailer Reaction-Why It’s A must watch Ugandan movie

To see such an Action trailer from Loukman Ali I was really impressed by everything from The background music which kind of puts me in Moods, Character acting is on point and the quality of the am pretty sure you’ll notice that it’s far away from average movies shot in Uganda, I mean you can notice everything from sweat plus also the camera angles man at least you can tell this man is not joking around like the first 2010 Ugandan action movie “Who killed Captain Alex” which literally became a meme and a laughing matter as it was dumbed as a no-budget since production cost was around $200 which is UGX 720,000. Anyways the trailers of both movies are down below you can compare and see for yourself.

Watch Who Killed Captain Alex Trailer

Watch The Girl in Yellow Jumper Trailer by Loukman Ali.

About The Girl in Yellow Jumper.

The Girl in the Yellow Jumper is a Ugandan thriller film produced and directed by Loukman Ali. It was announced that the film would premiere in Kampala on 18 April 2020. It follows a man who escapes a hostage situation and returns home with a story to tell. 

Star Cast; Rehema Nanfuka, Philip Luswata, Michael Wawuyo Jr., Michael Wawuyo, Gladys Oyenbot and Maurice Kirya.

When is it available Available to Netflix?

I know that where all our interest is but anyways the movie's initial release date was April 18th 2020 according to Cinemax Uganda but it being available to Netflix for streaming the actual date is December 26th 2021 which will be On Sunday Boxing Day.Im Really Super Excited and Can’t Wait to share my review

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