Here Is a Video Of a Naked Pregnant Women Being Beaten By Fellow Women!

Here Is A Video Of A Naked Pregnant Women Being Beaten By Fellow Women!

The Ugandan internet space is full of memes, funny videos, jokes, as well as sad content, shared every day. People share such content due to their reasons and aims. Anyhow, today's morning while scrolling on the Twitter streets, I came across this video shared by one of the Tweeps and it was so disturbing to me. I was compelled to share this with you here.

Due to the prevailing situation of bomb blasts in this country, Twitter is my source of breaking news as well as a stress killer for me but, today's case was different. There is a video on Twitter shared by @MichealLMarvin1 that caught my attention.

In the video shared, a woman is seen bothering on a veranda in Adams suit and she seems comfortable with what she’s doing. On a closer look, she seems pregnant too.  In the same video, a couple of women are seen beating this naked woman in the video with very big-sized canes/sticks.

The first woman beat her while she was bending while the second woman beat her up while she was pouring water on her very pregnant self as children kept shouting in the background celebrating for seeing a nude adult. This video left me cold and asking myself why is this heavily pregnant woman showering naked in browed day life as people watched her? The second question that came to my mind was, why are these women beating her despite her condition?

This sparked a conversation among tweeps who watched the video as many of them sympathized with the woman being beaten while others questioned why the woman was beating her yet she looks heavily pregnant sick in the head at the same time.

One person @dorenedoryn commented,

“Why are they hitting her like that?! This is their fellow woman couldn’t they have handled the situation differently”

@Lukakusbea commented,

“Bambi! Why beat her tho? She looks heavy. They should have just forced her inside”

This video left me sad. I don't know how you feel after watching this but, let me know your opinion below in the comments section.


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