Mityana Decides:MP Joyce Bagala Vs Hon Judith Nabakoba Fresh Poll in Mityana Distract.

Breaking News: Court Invalids MP Bagala’s Election and Orders for Fresh Polls in Mityana Distract.

During the 14th elections in the journey, Ms Nabakooba scooped 48,078 votes but she accused the Electoral commission and Ms Bagala of stealing her chance to lead in the race.

On January 15th, Hon. Bagala Joyce was declared the victor as she come in as a National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate after securing herself 64,305 votes beating her opinionate Ms Nabakooba with a vote difference of 16,227.   

Being three of them in this political race, Ms Brenda Nabaliisa was able to get 1,509 votes however, according to the Daily Monitor newspaper in the petition, Ms Nabakooba told the court that the electoral commission officials failed to do their job right there by failing her victory.

The Daily Newspaper goes ahead to report that, according to the minister, several presiding officers connived with Ms Bagala’s agents to distort declaration results forms to deny her victory.

According to the minister who was elected for Mityana woman MP in 2016 on the ticket of the ruling National Resistance Movement, Hon. Bagala was spotted on 14th January 2021 bribing voters with money, that's according to the daily monitor newspaper on 22nd October 2021. She asked the court to invalidate Hon. Bagala’s victory for a fresh election.

If your from Mityana District trust me our readers would like to know who you gonna vote and why in the Comments.

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  1. I live in Buswabulogo,my father,mother and grand mother in mizigo plus all my family are going to give Judith Nabakoba a vote


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