iOS15 cool new features for IPhone-Share Play,Live texts,New maps in summary

 In this article am gonna be sharing with you some of the cool and interesting stuff about Apple’s software upgrades which were shared in Apple’s biggest annual event of the year called WWDC 2021.

Watch the WWDC 2021 Event for free if you missed it

Some of the cool stuff coming to IOS 15

  • FaceTime:Here they added portrait mode which allows users to blur their background while on FaceTime calls.Also for the first ever just like in Zoom,You can also share your FaceTime link to other people whether they are on android or iOS.
  • Share play:This is one of the coolest feature I’m also excited to test for my as it enables users to watch movies together,listen to music  together and also share screen together while on a FaceTime  call.
  • Notifications:Right now you can have a summary of notifications while important messages from people end up being on top of the screen.
  • Live text:Lets you scan texts in photos and also can work help work as google image search as it can recognize objects in pictures.
  • Weather app:It Got some new cool looking graphics,maps and new weather backgrounds.
  • Maps:New 3D maps experience in some cities.
  • Emoji:New Outfits For Emojis.
  • Messages:Even with messages on iPhone things just got better,right now messages received having links of websites.
I don’t know about you guys but But anyway the most coolest thing announced according to me is about safari browser being able to support extensions now.I mean I don’t have to use grammarly app now which doesn’t work well on my iPhone 6.But Anyways I’m looking forward to know what features you guys are excited about in the comments. Check out my YouTube channel link is down below thanks

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