How to protect your gmail/icloud/yahoo accounts from getting Hacked

Alot of us use our emails for different purposes and those might include working,studying,communication etc but for whatever reason your using your mails for,just know that their Are Phishers who are doing Phishing online probably hackers or whatever they call themselves but for us lets know them as Phishers cause their attacks are always random and target people who don’t know things am about to share with 
Know how to protect your Facebook account

Yes,Before you even learn how to protect yourself,you’ll need to first learn how your account gets exposed to these fishers and by the way these guys are always looking for a small loop hole in your security and your done boom goodbye to your account.Yeah its true cause something small like just knowing that your email is  can get you exposed to threats and of course hacking of email but not any more cause you are about to know stuff they think you don’t.I know your thinking,wondering who am i to give you advice on how to protect your email,I’m I a hacker myself!! Ofcourse no but im a person who has faced threats,seen alot of accounts getting hacked and a kind of person who takes my gmail as a source of income because thats what brings food to my table,its like a bussiness to me,without it i don’t eat and below is my youtube channel.make sure you subscribe to it too.

First thing you should know is that their are no ways these fishers/hackers can hack you without knowing your gmail or email account so below are some of the ways your account can get exposed to the public or to these Hackers.
  • Using the same email for work and social media
  • Through malware which can be inform of installing apk’s for those who are using android phones
  • Visiting websites which sell your critical information to Hackers
  • Clicking direct links to certain websites
  • Making your email visible to many people
  • Allowing apps and websites to access your infomation maybe through registrations which may give them permission to access your loggin details etc.
How to protect yourself from these threats
So now that you know how your accounts some how gets exposed to these fishers,now its time for you to know how to protect and secure your google accounts or emails.
  1. GET AN IPHONE:I’m sorry you heard me right yes get an iphone or start using ios devices instantly simply because with androids you’ll like face alot threats and your information is easily got i know your questioning me how.People with android devices and your reading this article i bet if 99% of the apps your using in your smartphones are from the google playstore.These apps your getting from websites maybe or are hacked and cracked by hackers who even edit the codes of the apps you download in order to give them information in your smartphone and with apple devices security is their number one priority,Infact thats why with apple devices its so hard to to get an app outside the App store and im not saying its not possible but it is difficult to install one and process is very long if you get what i mean.Im not saying get rid of your android devices nop,you can stay with it and be safe as long each and every app you’ll use will be from the app store. That way you’ll reduce the chances of installing malwares in your smartphones.
  2. Avoid clicking direct links of any unkown site
  3. Use a different email for social media and same applies for work,just don’t use the same email
  4. Enable Two Factor Authetication:That way even if a hacker kind of figures out your email and password,he can’t can loggin simply because a code will be sent to devices in order to accept whether to allow him or not.
  5. Avoid logging your accounts into public devices:That can be computers in cafes,computers in school librabry or any device that is accessible to the public.
With those few things added into your security i can assure you no body can hack your Google Accounts.Found this article informative,share it with a friend to help them secure their accounts.Check out my youtube for tech reviews and online shopping deals plus also if you have any questions let me know in the comments.

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